X-Wing fan remake XWVM shows space combat in full glory

Video games have come farther in the last 20 years than we could've imagined, and games like Star Wars: Battlefront look remarkably close to their cinematic counterparts. Sometimes, though, certain titles are labeled "classics" for a reason. Cases in point: the X-Wing and TIE Fighter games from the '90s, much-loved by older gamers everywhere but that never received a modern-day remake. Hobbyist developer David Esparza Guerrero felt the same way, and decided to do something about it. He went to work remaking X-Wing, has recently posted a video of some of his ongoing work.

Guerrero built XWVM using the Unity engine and a combination of the original titles' assets and freely-available models. PC Gamer notes that the battle pictured in the video is a recreation of the an Y-Wing Historical Mission 6: Interception and Capture.

The biggest fear with a project like this is that Stars Wars owner Disney could bring its legal hammer down on the project at any moment. Guerrero's XWVM doesn't use copyrighted material and relies on the original games' data, but there's no telling how Disney's lawyers may look at it. The original thread about the remakes started back in 2014, and Guerrero continues to post updates as he continues his work. As long as Disney leaves him alone, that will likely be the place to watch for updates.

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