Report: Some Nexus 6P and Pixel phones are randomly shutting down

Reports from around the internet suggest that some owners of Google's Nexus 6P and Pixel phones have been experiencing issues with their handsets. Users are reporting that their phones are shutting down as if their batteries had run dry, when the battery life indicator says there's between 10% and 60% of juice remaining.

Google has a thread about this problem in its Issue Tracker. Over 2000 people have already labeled the issue with a star icon, and many shared screenshots they took of their battery usage screen after plugging in their devices. The first report goes back to November, with the user showing that his Nexus 6P shut down with about 30% of battery life left. More recent screenshots show devices shutting down with batteries at about half capacity.

Other websites are reporting that some of Google's Pixel smartphones are equally affected by this shutdown issue. However, the primary source for those reports seems to be a single Reddit thread.

It's unclear why the issue is occurring. Android Police points to the recent rollout of Android 7.0 Nougat on the handsets as the main cause. ExtremeTech noticed that many of the users reporting these problems live in cold climates. Google itself has been fairly quiet on the issue. A Google customer service rep confirmed on Reddit that it is investigating the issue with Huawei, the manufacturer of the Nexus 6P, and urged affected customers to contact Google's support services.

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