Rumor: Unlocked Core i3 CPU will be late to the Kaby Lake party

Remember that Intel Core i3-7350K that the rumor mill was talking about a while back? According to a post on Japanese tech news site Hermitage Akihabara, if that CPU exists, it won't be joining the rest of Intel's seventh-generation processors at launch time. The site says that shipments of the new chips have already arrived in shops, but that certain models, including the 7350K, are absent from the lineup.

The site seems quite confident that desktop Kaby Lake CPUs will be going up for sale next Friday on January 6. Earlier rumors pegged the Core i3-7350K at around $175, but Hermitage Akihabara lists the chip at 25,000¥ ($214). However, the site also says that the prices it lists are higher than expected due to fluctuations in the exchange rate of the Japanese yen.

We're enthusiastic about the prospect of an unlocked Core i3 processor here at TR. We've long felt that higher clocks are superior to more cores for most scenarios, and we keep recommending the Core i3-6100 in our System Guides as the budget CPU to have. However, the purportedly high price of the Core i3-7350K makes the rumored chip look a little silly when a Core i5-6600K can be had for just a few dollars more.

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