Roccat heads to CES with fancy gamer gear in tow

You didn't forget that CES starts this week, did you, gerbils? Roccat is bringing its latest feature-filled human interface devices to the show, which kicks off tomorrow. The new devices—three mice and a keyboard—are based around a couple of new features that the company calls Force FX and Owl-Eye.

The new keyboard is a modified version of the company's existing Isku FX keyboard, and it's called simply the Isku+ Force FX. Like its predecessor, it's an RGB LED-equipped gaming keyboard. It includes all of Roccat's signature features, including Talk—allowing a mouse to control a compatible keyboard, or vice-versa—and Easy-Shift+ alternate key functions.

The biggest difference in the new Isku+ Force FX is the feature that gives it its name. Roccat figured out a way to create a pressure-sensitive rubber-dome keyswitch. Roccat says the Force FX keys will allow gamers to send analog input to their games for finer control of in-game functions, like character movement. If this sounds familiar, it may be because it's quite similar to the Aimpad we took a look at a while ago. The Isku+ Force FX only has 6 analog keys versus the twelve on the Aimpad, though.

Roccat's new mice are called the Leadr, the Kone EMP, and the Kone Pure 2017. All three mice use Roccat's Owl-Eye sensor. The company isn't shy about revealing the origins of Owl-Eye—fundamentally, the new sensor is a customized PixArt 3360. Its listed specifications are identical to the 3360's, and that means resolution up to 12,000 DPI and tracking at up to 250 inches per second (6.35 m/s).

Despite the extremely high maximum resolution, Roccat says it recognizes that most gamers play with much lower DPI settings, and to that end its tuned the Owl-Eye sensor for optimal operation between 400 DPI and 3000 DPI. Roccat also says Owl-Eye has zero acceleration or prediction. Like most high-end mouse sensors, the Owl-Eye also has configurable lift-off distance.

Two of the three mice using the new Owl-Eye sensor are updates of previous products. The Kone EMP is an updated version of the company's Kone XTD mouse. Like its predecessor, it's a full-featured full-sized gaming mouse with RGB LED illumination and ten programmable functions. Meanwhile, the Kone Pure 2017 drops the lighting and ten percent of the Kone EMP's size to make a no-frills high-performance pointer pusher with seven programmable buttons.

Roccat's third Owl-Eye-equipped mouse is the new wireless Leadr mouse. The Leadr has one of the more unusual designs we've seen on mice lately, and that's saying something. Roccat claims the Leadr offers a "zero lag" gaming experience despite its wireless nature. The company equipped the Leadr with an analog thumb paddle and a "mid-knuckle dorsal fin switch," both of which are new ones on us. It also includes a charging dock and a "top-up" cable.

Roccat's product pages indicate that the Kone EMP mouse will be available January 15, and the Isku+ Force FX will follow shortly after. The other two new mice will come out of hiding in mid-April.

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    • juzz86
    • 3 years ago

    The Leadr looks like a revamp of the older Tyon, which despite the bumps was a beautiful mouse for this filthy palm-gripping peasant.

    I’d couple that with a Force FX, but they won’t be cheap.

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