Hacking and extortion: Meant for each other

That's what a hacker named Maxus thinks, anyway. This News.com article explains how he hacked into CD Universe, stole a list with 350,000 names and credit card numbers, then threatened to publish the list unless given $100,000. They refused to pay, he published the list online as promised and the FBI stepped in and shut the site down. Interestingly, it seems they haven't been able to track the guy down yet, however.

Maxus (or someone pretending to be him) implied that he knew of an exploit allowing him to break into systems using the ICVerify software for e-commerce. ICVerify is manufactured by CyberCash, which is the company whose software billed cusomers daily for the same transaction due to a Y2K bug. To be fair, the daily billing problem should be blamed on the merchants, not CyberCash, but talk about having a crappy week in the press....

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