A quick Comdex update

Sorry, folks, that we haven't been able to provide many updates from the show yet this week, but Comdex has been very busy for us. We've already met with Abit, AMD, ATI, Corsair, VisionTek, Shuttle, Tyan, VIA, Philips, Soyo, Pioneer, and a number of others. There are loads of exciting new products coming in the next few months—more than I'd have guessed. I got to hold a Handspring Treo in my sweaty little palm, and it looked like everything I've wanted in a mobile phone/PDA. Quite nice. Also impressive is AMD's teensy little 0.13-micron Thoroughbred Athlon; the core is the size of Pez.

This was also the first time Andy and I met Dissonance in person. He uses Dippity Do hair gel. It's pink.

A quick note on the NV17-M chip from NVIDIA. I don't have all the info, since I've been running around the show, but I understand it's a GeForce2 core with a GF3-style memory controller and some other tweaks. NVIDIA showed a version of the Chameleon demo on the chip, but it wasn't quite right; the model was low-poly, the vertex junctions weren't handled right, and the bump and gloss maps weren't all applied. This is still an impressive product—probably as fast or faster than a GF2 Ultra in a laptop—but it's not a true DX8 part, from what I have gathered.

We'll have some proper reports with pictures soon. We've still got quite a few more companies to visit, including NVIDIA and Intel. Then we'll go hunting down the really interesting gadgets in the Taiwan pavilion, which is always fun. More soon...

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