Asus adds VR-ready Vivo X and VivoMini PCs to its lineup

One of virtual reality's biggest problems lies in just how unapproachable it is. It's tough to setup, tough to explain, and requires lots of bulky equipment. That's not even considering how expensive it is. Not only does it ask you for a whole room's worth of space, but asks you to have a big computer nearby that's capable of powering the whole thing. Asus is hoping to help with that last problem with the Asus VivoPC X, a pint-sized box meant to provide VR power.

The VivoPC X is a tiny, five-pound system that packs a Kaby Lake Core i5 CPU, 8GB of RAM, and a 512GB SSD, along with a GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card. The size and form factor give the tiny system a look closer to that of the Xbox One S and PlayStation 4 Pro than that of a gaming PC. In other words, something a bit less intimidating and obtrusive. It might not make setting up a VR space easier, but it could blend into a home theater with ease.

Alongside the VivoPC X—and even smaller than that system—Asus is showing off a trio of VivoMini PC lineups: the UN65U, VM65, and the VC66 series. Each of those systems packs an Intel Core i7 Kaby Lake CPU, but comes with a slightly different configuration.

The UN65U is a VESA-mountable box offering room for both a 2.5" drive and an M.2 SSD. It comes with Asus' MediaStreamer and Remote GO! software, as well. The VM65 series sets itself apart with a discrete GeForce 930M Optimus-enabled graphics card. Meanwhile, the VC66 is a box built around the Mini-STX (5x5) form factor, that can accomodate an M.2 SSD and two 2.5" drives, making it seem well suited to acting as an impromptu NAS and media server.

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