Corsair's HX and TX-M series of PSUs go after the high end

Corsair is showing off two new series of ATX PC power supplies at the Consumer Electronics Show this year. The TX-M series has a semi-modular cable design and 80 Plus Gold certification, and capacities from 550 to 850W. The HX series (arguably a blast from the past) is for PC builders going all-out, with fully modular cables, 80 Plus Platinum efficiency, and power output up to 1200W.

Corsair offers TX-M power supplies in 550W, 650W, 750W, and 850W capacities. The largest unit measures 6.3" x 3.4" x 5.9" (16 cm x 8.6 cm x 15 cm), but all other models measure a slightly more compact 5.9" x 3.4" x 5.5" (15 cm x 8.6 cm x 14 cm). Corsair backs all TX-M PSUs with a seven-year warranty. The semi-modular cabling means there's a permanently-attached 24-pin ATX power connector, while CPU +12V power, SATA, PCIe, and Molex power connectors come on detachable cables.

The higher-end HX-series power supplies offer power efficiency as high as 94%. All the cabling is fully modular, too. Buyers can choose from 750W, 850W, 1000W, and 1200W models to suit their needs and wants. The mack-daddy HX 1200 measures 5.9" x 3.4" x 7.9" (15 cm x 8.6 cm x 20 cm), while the remaining units measure 5.9" x 3.4" x 7.1" (15 cm x 8.6 cm x 18 cm). The 1200W unit weighs over five pounds (2.3 kg), so buyers will need large cases made of sturdy materials to house and support that beast.

Corsair says both series are stuffed full of 105° C-rated capacitors from Japan. All HX models and all TX-M models except the TX550M have Corsair's Hybrid Silent Fan Control feature that turns off the spinner when the power supply is under a light load.

The TX-M and HX models are available now in Corsair's online store. The 80 Plus Gold-rated TX-Ms cost $80 to $130 and the 80 Plus Platinum HX series units cost $130 to $230 depending on capacity.

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