Razer Project Valerie is the world's first triple-monitor gaming laptop

Part of the fun of CES week is seeing some of the craziest hardware concepts come to life. Even if the products in question don't make it to the market, it's a pleasure to see some creativity and risk-taking in a frequently conservative industry. While it's too early in the show to announce a winner, Razer might take home the unofficial TR award for "most surprising laptop design." Check out this video:

That's right: Razer has announced a triple-monitor laptop. The laptop can deploy two side displays, which slide sideways out from the main screen and adjust into place. These aren't little, unremarkable displays, either. The three displays in the Project Valerie laptop use 17.3" IGZO panels with 4K resolution, G-Sync tech, and natively support Nvidia's Surround View technology. Professionals and display afficionados alike will appreciate that they can reproduce 100% of the Adobe RGB gamut.

Considering that these three monitors together have a combined resolution of 11520x2160, Razer will need to put some impressive hardware under the hood so that games will actually run at the native resolution. Razer hasn't announced many details about the underlying hardware, but plans to employ Nvidia's GeForce GTX 1080 for graphics muscle.

With three displays to contain, Project Valerie isn't going to be a thin-and-light laptop. When closed, it's 1.5" thick, and it weighs about 12 lbs (5.4 kg). The keyboard uses Razer's own own ultra-low profile mechanical switches, and Razer wraps everything up in an all-aluminum chassis.

Razer hasn't announced a launch date or pricing for Project Valerie, but that's perhaps unsurprising for project this ambitious. Interested parties can register for news about the laptop at Razer's website.

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