Razer's Project Ariana wreathes you in your game

Remember IllumiRoom? You probably don't, but it used a Kinect and a projector to expand a game's display beyond the screen and onto your walls and furniture. Microsoft demonstrated it at CES back in 2013, but it ultimately didn't work out to much more than concept. Apparently Razer was pretty fond of the idea, though, because the company's new Project Ariana is very nearly the exact same thing.

Project Ariana is a projector with an "ultra-wide" fisheye lens. Two depth-sensing cameras map the 3D geometry of your play area, and then the projector displays whatever the game you're playing tells it to. This can be a blown-up mirror image of your display, a wider field of view effectively extending the display, or presumably whatever the developer wants to implement.

The game that Razer is using to demo the concept at CES is Shadow Warrior 2. Project Ariana is just a concept for now, but Razer's Min-Liang Tan says that Ariana is a prototype for the future of the company's Chroma platform. Chroma synchronizes the RGB LEDs in players' hardware with in-game events, and is already supported in some big titles like Overwatch and Call of Duty. Along with the Ariana demo, Razer has opened up Chroma integration to third-party partners, and says companies including Lenovo, NZXT, Antec, and Lian-Li are already on board.

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