Enermax turns on new power supplies and fans at CES

Those in the know are already aware that Enermax sells some of the finest power supplies around. The company announced at CES that it's adding a ton of new models to its range of PSUs, and it's also spinning up a pile of new fans that incorporate its "Dust-Free Rotation" (DFR) technology.

Enermax's new power supplies comprise two new lines, plus some new models for the existing Platimax D.F. family. The Platimax D.F. series is an existing line of ATX power supplies that bear 80 Plus Platinum certification, offer fanless operation when under 40% load, and a fully modular design. The "D.F." in the name refers to the fans usage of DFR tech. Enermax is already selling the 500W and 600W versions, but is now adding models with 750W, 850W, 1050W, and 1200W capacities.

The new entrants in the PSU game are the ultra-high-end MaxTytan and the entry-level RevoBron series. The RevoBron power supplies appear to be a more affordable version of the company's bread-and-butter Revolution series. The new units will carry 80 Plus Bronze certification and will also include DFR-equipped fans. Enermax is kicking off the RevoBrons lineup with 500W, 600W, and 700W models.

Finally, the MaxTytan power supplies have 80 Plus Titanium certification, joining a rarefied category. That means these PSUs are at a minimum 90% efficient, even at very low or peak loads. They also support fanless operation below 55% load, and offer fully modular cabling. The MaxTytan series will be debuting with 750W, 800W, 1050W, and 1250W-capacity models.

Virtually all of Enermax's fans have been updated with its DFR tech, including the Vegas, Vegas Duo, and Pressure series. The new fans earn a "D.F." prefix on the front (e.g. D.F. Vegas Duo). In addition to those updates, Enermax is also bringing out a high-pressure fan called D.F. Storm with a new blade design that the company says creates 30% more airflow at the same RPM than its other spinners.

The D.F. Storm fans will be available in a 120mm size for $29.99 in March, while all of the new power supplies are listed as coming in April. Prices on the RevoBron units aren't listed yet, but the new PlatiMax D.F. units run from $185 to $250. Meanwhile, the MaxTytan units will come in at $200 to $360.

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