Linksys WRT32X router packs Killer features

Linksys is letting loose the WRT32X router with Killer Networking features onboard, courtesy of a partnership with Rivet Networks. A quick perusal of the spec sheet suggests the companies might have started with the recently-released WRT3200ACM before giving it a matte-black-and-blue getup and Killer's traffic prioritization scheme.

Like the WRT3200ACM, the WRT32X boasts up to 600Mbps for 802.11n devices and up to 2600Mbps for 802.11ac-enabled hardware. The router's body houses a WAN port, four switched Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports, and four stubby plastic antennas.

The WRT32X can also serve as a not-so-poor-man's NAS, thanks to the built-in USB 3.0 connectors and combo USB 2.0 and eSATA ports. The device gets its brains from an unnamed 1.8 GHz dual-core processor. The WRT3200ACM has a dual-core ARM SoC and 512MB of memory, so we wouldn't be surprised if the WRT32X had the same internals.

Linksys says the built-in "Killer Mode" automatically synchronizes with PCs with Killer Networking adapters using the Killer Prioritization Engine, and should ensure higher routing priority for time-sensitive game data. The company claims that "lag-free gaming," 4K streaming, and other data-intensive applications are possible thanks to the device's fast and steady wireless signal.

The device can serve as a router, access point, wired bridge, wireless bridge, or wireless repeater, so buyers can re-purpose it after its useful life as primary router has ended. It's also compatible with OpenWRT and DD-WRT open-source router software, though we wonder if forgoing the factory firmware might mean kissing the Killer-enhanced features goodbye.

Linksys' page for the WRT32X lists the price as $330, but TechHive says to expect a price tag right around $300 when the WRT32X goes on sale in the Spring.

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