Thermaltake's Cronos Riing RGB 7.1 headset shines bright

Adding RGB LEDs to system components is well and good, but we've had a good laughs at the TR virtual office picturing that shiny hardware being stuck inside a windowless computer case. On the other hand, a headset may be the perfect place to stick some blinkenlights. Enter Thermaltake's Cronos Riing RGB 7.1 headset, making its presence known with big pair of LED-backlit Tt eSports logos on the ear cups.

Of course, the headset isn't just a pair of lights. Thermaltake equipped the Cronos Riing with 50-mm tilting neodymium drivers that it says will provide "143% increased sound output." Over what, we don't know. In any case, Thermaltake's software supports custom equalizer profiles and audio virtualization to reproduce a 7.1-channel input signal on the stereo headphones. The same software can be used to control the RGB LEDs on the sides.

It wouldn't be a headset without a microphone, and the Cronos Riing's boom mic is both flexible and retractable. Each part of headset can flex and twist to better fit the wearer, but the rigid outer frame should keep it in shape. The Cronos Riing can also be stored flat to better fit in backpacks or cases. The Cronos Riing RGB isn't available for sale just yet, but the company expects it to go for $85 when it is.

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