The Tech Report CES 2017 news recap

Well, CES 2017 is over. We don't know if you were busy last week, but things were pretty crazy here at TR HQ. We doubled down on CES coverage and did our best to take a good look at all the hardware news that poured out from the show.

The biggest individual bit of news was probably the launch of Intel's 7th-generation Core processors, codenamed Kaby Lake. We did an in-depth review of the Core i7-7700K, so if you're curious about it go ahead and click that link. A new CPU release tends to produce a deluge of product line refreshes, and this CES was no exception in that regard.

Both AMD and Nvidia had some big announcements to make, too. The red team had some meaty info about its Vega graphics architecture, showed off Ryzen-ready chipsets and motherboards, and FreeSync 2. Meanwhile, on the green corner, Nvidia G-Sync HDR is coming to some sweet high-end displays, and GPU-destitute gamers everywhere have access to GeForce Now game streaming. Let's dig deep into the news, shall we?

Kaby Lake CPUs and mobos



Desktop and SFF systems



Peripherals with rainbows


Odds and ends

Whew, that was a lot of links. Check them out and let us know if we missed anything interesting in the comments section below.

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