Plextor aims M8Se drives at mainstream NVMe SSD market

At Computex last year, Plextor announced the M8Pe NVMe SSD. That drive is a high-end model with a Marvell 88SS1093 controller and planar MLC flash memory. Seeing as not everyone's budgets can stretch to lofty heights, Plextor has announced the mainstream successor to that SSD, the M8Se, at CES last week. This drive will use the same controller as its bigger brother, but with TLC flash instead of MLC. Tom's Hardware got some information from the company about the upcoming drives.

Picture: Tom's Hardware

Tom's says that the M8Se will come in both M.2 and half-height, half-length PCIe form factors, and in capacities ranging from 128GB to 1TB. The highest-capacity model reportedly includes a 2GB DDR3 SDRAM cache. According to the site, Plextor rates that drive for up to an impressive 210K IOPS on 4K random read tests, and performance for 4K random writes isn't that far behind at 175K IOPS. Sequential read speeds can reportedly go as high as 2,450MB/s, while writes can hit 1,000 MB/s.

Naturally, the smaller-capacity drives offer smaller caches and not-quite-as-lofty performance, although only the 128GB model appears to a major speed hit, at 1,850MB/s in sequential reads and 570MB/s for sequential writes. Tom's says this model can do 135K random read IOPS and 80K random write IOPS.

Plextor reportedly rates the drives for 625 full rewrites, which gives the smallest drive an 80 TBW endurance rating and the largest drive a 640 TBW rating. Nothing to shout about, but not bad for TLC flash. All of the drives should get a three year warranty, and ought to be debuting in June.

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