Aula aims at FPS gaming with specialized keyboards

When you're serious about a hobby, you pick up the right tools. A power drill, a mixer, a premium paintbrush. Pretty much anyone who uses a desktop computer has a keyboard attached to it, but there's a subset of us who spend a huge chunk of our time at our computers staring down the barrel of a digital gun. Chinese gaming peripheral maker Aula is joining the ranks of Razer and Logitech and hoping gamers will look at its new specialized keyboard designed specifically for FPS gaming.

Photo: TechPowerUp

TechPowerUp offers up a photo of the as-of-yet-unnamed beast. We can see a core of common FPS keys surrounded by an arch of function keys, eight shortcut keys, and ten macro keys. Interestingly enough, both enter and backspace keys are present in the main block.

Aula also showed off an ultra-condensed keyboard that features a more standard layout, but lacks a dedicated tenkey keypad, functions keys, and navigation key set. TechPowerUp says those missing keys will be handled by secondary functions activated with an Fn key. If the layout looks familiar, you're probably thinking of the Happy Hacking keyboard.

Photo: TechPowerUp

TechPowerUp also reports that the two keyboards will be bundled together, though Aula hasn't offered up a release date or price yet.

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