Tom's Hardware explores the fanless frontier with a GTX 1050 Ti

Gerbils who have been following along with TR's coverage of Nvidia's GeForce GTX 1050 and 1050 Ti are aware of the cards' low power consumption and small thermal footprint. Companies like MSI and Gigabyte have capitalized on those characteristics by offering half-height cards suitable for use in SFF desktop systems. Nvidia and its partners have even been able to shoehorn fully-enabled GP107 silicon into mobile GTX 1050 Ti-equipped gaming laptops. The hard-working people over at Tom's Hardware wondered what would happen if a GTX 1050 Ti was run without any fans, so they rolled up their sleeves and found out.

The MSI GTX 1050 Ti that Tom's Hardware used

Toms' Igor Wallossek stuck a giant Accelero cooler onto a GTX 1050 Ti, cranked the card's power target down, generated a whole bunch of test data, then formatted it nicely for the world to digest. Spoiler alert: the switch to fanless operation takes a big bite out of the GTX 1050 Ti's performance potential, but it's fun to see how high-clocked computer components work better with even the token airflow of pair of 120-mm fans spinning at a leisurely 300 RPM.

The test methods and results are interesting. Even if you have zero interest in reduced-power computing and silent, passively-cooled systems, the article is worth checking out just for the pictures of an MSI GTX 1050 Ti card with a cooler twice its length bolted on.

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