In the lab: Intel's Core i3-7350K CPU

Hey, folks. You may have noticed a certain lack of post-CES floor reports on the site over the last couple days. I have several CES-related articles I need to finish up, but I came down with the flu on the way back from the show and I've been completely out of commission since. The UPS man awoke me from my feverish slumber this morning and left a nice surprise, though: Intel's Core i3-7350K.

Core i3-7350K on the left

If you're not already up to speed with it, the Core i3-7350K is Intel's unlocked "budget overclocking" chip for the Kaby Lake family. Those scare quotes are there because the i3-7350K commands a $168-$179 suggested price from Intel. A true Pentium G3258 successor this ain't. Still, that money buys two cores and four threads with a 4.2 GHz base clock—identical to the Core i7-7700K's—and a potentially more overclocking-friendly 60W TDP.

Because of its pricing, we're having a little bit of an internal debate about what chips to test the i3-7350K against in our review. If you have ideas about what our test suite should look like, let us know in the comments.

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