G203 Prodigy mouse wraps high-end tech in a budget package

The peripherals in Logitech's Prodigy lineup are beautifully basic, but often come with spec sheets and prices for the unapologetically hardcore. Folks who are after high-end performance without the high-dollar price can now look a little further down the Logitech site for the G203 Prodigy mouse. This pointer-pusher has six programmable buttons, a 6000-DPI maximum resolution, and tracks at up to 200 inches per second.

The G203 is more or less a version of the G Pro mouse with a simpler sensor. Logitech says the sensor used in the G203 is a new model, although it doesn't say who makes it. The sensor's specs don't match up to anything in PixArt's catalogue, but both companies collaborated for the PMW3360 sensor used in the G502, G303, and G Pro. That sensor was a Logitech exclusive for a while, so it's possible that we're seeing a new PixArt design in this particular rodent.

As any serious gaming peripheral these days, the G203 packs programmable RGB lighting for the colored strip and the Logitech logo, sensitivity switching, and on-device profile storage. Folks looking at the G Pro but with slimmer wallets can pick up the G203 Prodigy for just $40.

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