Samsung Galaxy Note 7 pre-flight warnings to end

Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 and the flames it left in its wake received considerable attention. The FAA banned Note 7 handsets from passenger flights and from transit as air cargo back in October after a deflagration onboard a Southwest flight on October 5. At the same time, the agency decreed that all airlines must notify passengers of the ban before boarding. Between the attention paid to the Note 7's problems by news outlets, wireless network operators, and Samsung itself, the FAA feels that the pre-flight warnings about the Note 7 are no longer necessary.

The ban on Note 7 handsets on passenger and cargo aircraft is still in effect, so any gerbils clinging to their incendiary phablets aren't yet allowed to take them on an airplane. The FAA sasy the main reason for dropping the pre-flight warnings is the phone's high return rate in the wake of Samsung's recall efforts. According to the company, more than 96% of the devices sold in the United States have been returned. Wireless providers have also done their part in pushing firmware updates that cripple the handsets.

Fans of Samsung's Note series in general might be pleased by rumors that the company plans to introduce a Note 8 handset later this year. The rumor mill goes on to suggest that the Note 8 may introduce an artificial intelligence assistant named "Bixi," just a few short months after Samsung's acquisition of Viv Labs.

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