Imagination Technologies freshens up mid-range PowerVR GPUs

Remember how friend-of-TR David Kanter established that Nvidia's GPUs since Maxwell have used tile-based rendering? And how AMD Vega is moving in that same sort of direction? The guys in charge of Imagination Technologies' PowerVR GPUs are probably smirking to themselves right now because they were doing tile-based rendering before it was cool. The company is still using that technique in its latest mobile GPUs, the Series8XE Plus family.

There are three 8XE Plus designs launching today: the GE8320, GE8325, and GE8340. As you probably could expect from the "Plus" moniker, these processors are upgraded versions of the base Series8XE GE8300 design. Imagination emphasizes the compute performance of the new designs, and says that the GE8320 and 8325 have double the per-clock shader throughput of the GE8300. Meanwhile, the GE8340 should offer quadruple the per-clock shader throughput of the base model. That kind of performance could have the GE8340 nipping at the heels of the top-end PowerVR  XT-series models.

Besides the new designs, Imagination is releasing a couple of updates to existing GPUs: the ultra-low-end GE8100 and the high-powered GE8430. The GE8100 is basically half of a Series8XE GE8200. At the far opposite end of the product stack, the GE8430 is a monster of a mobile GPU that Imagination says can handle 4K displays. These two versions apparently include the "micro-architectural enhancements" found in the other Series8XE Plus GPUs, whatever those may be.

Imagination expects these designs to find their way not only to the SoCs in smartphones and tablets, but also to smart TVs and set-top boxes. The company is insistent that 1080p will be the most commonly-used resolution in every market segment through at least 2020, and says these GPUs are primed to power devices with that resolution.

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