iBuypower Snowblind is a fresh take on case side panels

Yes, it's colorful and it glows, but we promise it's not RGB LEDs this time around. This is iBuypower's Snowblind, a gaming PC equipped with a translucent side panel with an LCD screen. It generated some buzz at CES this year, and it's now available for preorder. Take a look.

The screen on the Snowblind's side panel is protected by a layer of tempered glass. The panel has a resolution of 1280x1024, and connects to the videocard through a DVI cable. iBuypower claims that users can put whatever they want on the display, since Windows treats it as a secondary monitor. The widgets displayed in the demo video use the open-source desktop customization software Rainmeter. In the Snowblind's FAQ, iBuypower says that it's even possible for users to play games on the side panel, though the company doesn't truly recommend it.

iBuypower sells the Snowblind as a prebuilt machine. The hardware options are fairly numerous but also narrowed-down to white or silver components so that the transparent display's images are shown as clearly as possible. That requirement still leaves a wide range of options on the table, though. Buyers can pick graphics cards among the MSI Armor OC GeForce GTX 1070, MSI Quicksilver GeForce GTX 1070, or MSI Armor OC GeForce GTX 1080. Any of those choices can come as a pair for an SLI configuration.

Motherboard options also come from MSI—either the frosty-white Z270 Tomahawk Arctic, or the Z270 XPower Gaming Titanium with its SLI support. iBuypower offers a wide range of Intel's latest Kaby Lake processors up to and including the Core i7-7700K. The CPU can be paired with up to 64GB of DDR4, and there are too many storage options to list by name. That's before mentioning the twenty-one options for the power supply, too.

The Snowblind is available for preorder in three customizable base configurations. The most budget-friendly option starts at $1,500 and includes Intel's Core i5-7400 and Nvidia's GeForce GTX 1070. The most expensive option starts at $2,500 and boasts a Core i7-7700K and a GTX 1080. The machines can be preordered right away, and iBuypower expects they'll ship by the end of February. According to a report by Gamers Nexus, it's possible that the case may be offered as a standalone unit from $200 to 250.

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