Antec Cube Mini-ITX chassis gets EKWB-certified

I haven't built a liquid-cooled rig since the days of the Athlon Thunderbird, but if I did, I'd probably be ordering most of the parts for it from Slovenia. EKWB is a foremost name when it comes to liquid-cooling gear, and the company has now graced Antec's Mini-ITX Cube case with its certification. Along with that bit of news, Antec has announced that builders can now purchase the Cube devoid of any branding.

In case you missed it last time, the Cube is a Mini-ITX case that sets the power supply in its own compartment apart from the rest of the PC. This makes the case a bit larger than most ITX enclosures, but may also make for better cooling performance. Builders can hook up to six fans to the included fan hub. Antec includes a 120-mm white-LED fan in the case's rear, although that mount can also take in a 140-mm spinner. Up front, builders can attach two 120-mm fans, a 140-mm spinner, or a 180-mm unit. Of course, given the EKWB certification, the case will also accept a 240-mm liquid-cooling radiator in the front and a 140-mm radiator in the rear.

The somewhat oddly-named Cube can swallow graphics cards up to 13.7" (35 cm) in length. Despite being a Mini-ITX case, the Cube offers three expansion slots. That should ensure that even the fattest graphics cards will fit. In the event that builders don't want to go the liquid-cooling route, the Cube can fit CPU coolers up to 7.5" (19 cm) tall. Finally, the case includes the expected RGB LED accents on its front and underside. Antec says the Cube is now available for purchase.

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    • short_fuze
    • 3 years ago

    As in “ice cube”, perhaps?

    Maximizing cooling could be one take. Another might even be aeshetics; I once bought a souvenir chunk of clear yet blinking plastic ‘ice cube’ that could be immersed in a beverage. Looking at it now, it kinda reminds me of these cases…

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