NZXT adds purple-and-white finishes to its hardware catalog

People who really like the color purple (or perhaps Kinzie Kensington) will be pleased to see NZXT's latest additions to its catalog. The company took to Twitter to announce white-and-purple versions of its S340 and H440 ATX cases, along with matching HUE+ lighting controllers and cable-routing pucks.

Even if the new color scheme it isn't as flashy as something like the Hyper Beast, we still think it looks pretty neat. It's also a breath of fresh air in the mass of black-and-red cases. The white color comes in a matte finish, which should help it blend in more easily than the common refrigerator-white. It might be trickier to pick components that won't clash with the rich purple hue, though. Maybe one of those MSI Quick Silver cards would do, or gear that comes with much-loved RGB LED lighting.

The new hardware is available from NZXT's site for the price as the other company's other color options. That puts the S340 case at $70, the H440 chassis at $120, the HUE+ controller at $60, and the Puck at $20. 

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