Leica M10 further refines rangefinders for the digital age

Mirrorless cameras may be all the rage in digital photography right now, but Leica has been cranking out shots without the benefit of a reflex mirror for the better part of 100 years. Its latest M rangefinder, the M10, slims down to the same 33.75-mm depth as the Leica M4 film camera of the 1960s, and it gives photographers more direct control with a dedicated ISO dial on its top plate.

The M10 also boasts an improved 24-MP full-frame sensor with a maximum ISO sensitivity of 50,000. Leica claims this sensor deals better with light arriving at extreme angles relative to the sensor plane, a move that might reduce color shifts at the edges of images captured with extreme wide-angle lenses. Finally, the M10 has integrated Wi-Fi for transferring images to iOS devices (an Android app is apparently coming soon). The rangefinder faithful can pre-order an M10 now for $6,595 in chrome or black finishes.

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