Back from Comdex

— 11:32 PM on November 15, 2001

We've returned from the show with loads of info and pictures to share with you all, and the image processing work has already started. Hopefully we'll have something presentable for you all to see soon.

For now, there were a few interesting themes at Comdex this year. Most noteworthy were the looming chipset wars on both Socket A and Socket 478 platforms. There are new chipsets coming out from multiple manufacturers for each. My head is swimming just thinking about getting all the reviews together, but it should be a very dynamic PC market over the next few months. I can't recall a time when the chipset competiton was even close to what it is now.

I'm also excited about the tablet PC designs we saw. Combined with an 802.11b wireless NIC, these things will make surfing on the couch or the back porch easy. When you see one, you will want one.

Both AMD and Intel have plans to keep the processors wars going strong for the next year at least. I think there will be a ferocious battle for the top x86 performer, and I can't say who I think will win. It's too close to call now, but watching it all unfold will be entertaining.

Anyhow, mad, mad props to Ronald for keeping things rolling around here while we were in Vegas. I learned as much by reading TR during the rare moments when I had 'net access as I did in some of our Comdex meetings. And his ability to touch off that G5 thread in two sentences is fearsome.

More soon...

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