Tinkerer builds his own LCD case side panel

Some of us see a cool hardware design and immediately open our wallets. Others start devising plans for making that product themselves. One such self-described "tinkerer" is Joshua Dennis of website Pixel Six Designs. Like us, Joshua was intrigued by the translucent LCD side panel on iBuypower's Snowblind gaming PC. Unlike us, though, Joshua made one for himself. Here's his process:

Joshua started the project with a 16" AOC USB-powered monitor that he stripped down to the LCD panel. He customized a sheet of acrylic to serve as the new side panel for his case, and cut out a hole for the display. The display needs considerable lighting behind it in order for its images to be visible, so he attached two LED strips to the side panel, and six more inside the case. The display's cable runs out of the back of the case.

Windows sees the display as a third monitor, giving Joshua freedom to put just about whatever he likes on his side panel. He noted that it's possible for his mouse cursor to end up on the case, but has the screen layout in Windows arranged so that it's unlikely to happen.

Source: Pixel Six Designs

Since a brighter interior would help make the display more readable, Joshua has plans for spray-painting some of the surfaces, like the ones currently occupied by EVGA's logos. As it stands, however, black and white text and images work well on the display. His temperature readout system looks pretty sharp and is powered by Rainmeter and NZXT Cam.

Aside from the tools and base material for the side panel, the materials for Joshua's project cost a little over $160. If iBuypower's rig is a little too expensive for your taste, Joshua's project might be worth a try. Besides, he says it was a very easy project. What could go wrong?

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