Biostar B250 motherboards enter the race

We shared news about Biostar's Z270 Racing motherboards with you gerbils a couple of days ago, and now we are back again to spill the beans on the company's motherboards based on Intel's B250 chipset. There are two boards on offer: the full-fat ATX Racing B250GT5 and the pint-sized microATX B250GT3. Both models support Intel Skylake and Kaby Lake CPUs and sport four DDR4 DIMM slots alongside six SATA ports and a pair of M.2 slots.

The GT3 and the GT5 have the same black-and-gray racing flag checkerboard print on the board itself, along with a carbon fiber-like finish on the VRM and chipset heatsinks. Users can customize their boards' look with the integrated Vivid LED DJ lighting. RGB LEDs are embedded in the VRM heatsink and on the edge of the motherboard near the expansion cards. The light show can be expanded via a pair of 5050 RGB LED headers.

The bigger GT5 has a few extra features over the GT3, including a pair of PCI (non-Express) slots, a VGA output, and a USB Type-C port. The GT5 also has a higher-end ALC892 sound chip and a full complement of audio ports, while the GT3 makes do with a Realtek ALC887 chip and only three mini-jack outputs.

For those who don't follow all of the details in Intel's desktop chipsets, the differences between B250 and the flagship Z270 are relatively minor. The biggest item that enthusiasts may be concerned about is the lack of overclocking support on the B250. Biostar doesn't mention Crossfire or SLI support for these motherboards, but given reports that under five percent of gamers have multiple graphics cards, this omission likely doesn't matter much.

Biostar says the Racing B250GT5 will cost $110 bundled with one of the company's Vivid LED fans. The Racing B250GT3 will ring in at a more affordable $80, but doesn't include the fancy fan.

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