Samsung's Android 7.0 rollout starts with the Galaxy S7

Samsung announced today that its rollout of Android 7.0 Nougat is underway. Surprising no one, the company's current flagship models Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are leading the charge into the future. The Nougat update puts those handsets in sparsely-populated territory occupied by the HTC 10, the HTC One M9, the Moto Z, the LG G5, a bunch of Nexus devices, and the Pixel.

Android 7.0 brings a bunch of improvements to Android devices, including built-in split-screen functionality. Some vendors (including Samsung) already had their own multi-window implementation, but the standardized version could prove more reliable. Nougat also includes Daydream VR support and a pack of business-oriented device management features collectively called "Google for Work." Samsung doesn't mention either of those items in its announcement, so it's unclear if they are coming to the Galaxy S7 handsets.

Samsung's update also adds a Performance Mode option to the S7 and S7 Edge. Android 7.0 already comes with a "sustained performance mode" that developers can use, but Samsung's feature adds Game, Entertainment, and High Performance modes alongside a default Optimized mode. According to the company, Game Mode will make games run more smoothly, Entertainment mode "enhances sound and image quality," and High Performance mode allows for "the highest quality display settings possible."

Samsung says it intends to roll out the update to a few more of its handsets within the next six months, including the Galaxy S6 family, the Note 5, the Tab A, the Tab S2, the Galaxy A3, and the Galaxy A8. Here's to hoping those updates come sooner rather than later.

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