Radeon Pro Duo price drops could herald Vega's arrival

When the dual-chip Radeon Pro Duo initially launched, AMD presented it as a premium GPGPU compute card rather than as a graphics accelerator. It's certainly easier to fill up Fiji's 4096 shaders with compute work than with graphics tasks. Along with its Pro label, the card got a professional-tier price: $1,499. Perhaps in anticipation of the new Vega high-end graphics processors from AMD, Newegg has an XFX-built Pro Duo marked down to just $799.

There's no denying that the Pro Duo is a beast of a graphics card in every sense of the word. The paired full-fat Fiji GPUs—the same chips found individually on the R9 Fury X—give the card a peak FP32 compute throughput of over 16 TFLOPs. Officially, the TDP of the Pro Duo is 350W. Still, it takes three eight-pin power connectors, giving it a maximum potential power draw of 525W. XFX recommends an 850W power supply to drive the card.

The R9 Fury X holds its ground remarkably well against the newer Pascal parts, nipping at the heels of the GTX 1070 in our review of that card. The Pro Duo is closer to a pair of R9 Nanos, but a pair of them should still pound most games into the ground, even in 4K resolution. Plus, this is currently the absolute fastest graphics card in the world that supports FreeSync. While other online sellers have yet to follow Newegg's lead yet, we suspect prices on this card might fall rapidly as we approach Vega's summer-of-2017 launch window.

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