Cryorig's QF140 fans offer a choice of silence or performance

Cooling company Cryorig has unveiled a pair of new fans based on its existing QF120 series, but in an enlarged 140-mm form factor. Where Cyrorig offered three models in the QF120, though, the QF140 line is shaved down to two simple choices: QF140 Performance or QF140 Silent.

The QF140 Performance is the one you really don't want to stick your fingers into. The fan can rotate from 600 RPM to 1,850 RPM, and should output 128 CFM of air with 38 dBA of noise when running at the maximum speed. Cryorig suggests pairing this fan with 280-mm radiators and systems in need of especially high airflow.

At the other end of the range, the QF120 Silent can run from 200 RPM to 1,000 RPM while pushing a more modest 42 CFM. With a noise range from 9 dB to 19.5 dBA, it seems like the QF140 Silent should live up to its name when compared to its noisier sibling.

The basic internals of the QF140 fans are similar to those of the QF120 line. Like its predecessor, the QF140 has air intakes spots in each corner of the fan's rim. Cryorig claims this allows the fan to take in extra air and increase overall output. The new model also keeps the "High-Precision Low-Noise" fluid bearings and rubber vibration absorption pads that Cyrorig claims help make its fans quieter than the competition.

Both the QF140 Performance and Silent are on sale right now at sites like Newegg for $14.99 each.

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