Steam client lets users move games and use Xbox controllers

The Steam client got a big update for all platforms last week. Steam users will be happy to find that it's now possible to move individual games between Steam library folders. Valve has also extended Steam's game controller customization interface to work with a wider range of hardware.

Folks who have used the Steam Controller can tell you that Valve's gamepad configuration utility is one of the best. It supports a dizzying array of options, allowing users to completely map every input on the controller to keyboard commands, mouse buttons, or joystick inputs. Valve has extended the utility to support tweaks to all Xbox 360 and Xbox One-compatible controllers, which join Playstation 4 pads and the Steam Controller in the customization interface. Steam Controllers remain the only first-class citizens in the desktop client, though: setting up other controllers will require using Big Picture mode.

Using the Steam configurator interface now offers other benefits, like the ability to change the player order of XInput controllers without having to reconnect them. Users can finally disable the "guide button brings up Steam" function, too. Valve also added support for some third-party PS4 controllers, including a pile of fightpads and arcade sticks.

Besides the improvements to controller support, Valve added a few quality-of-life improvements. On top of making it easier to move games between Steam library folders, users will now be shown an error message when games fail to download or update. Steam can also fix its own permissions on Steam library folders, and Valve added an option to send log files and crash dumps along with certain types of help requests. The new Steam client should download automatically, but the curious can check out the full list of updates and changes here.

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