iOS 10.2.1 update plugs multiple security holes

Apple's iOS 10.2.1 update is now available to the public. The new version doesn't include major feature changes or improvements, but it fixes a number of bugs and security holes plaguing the current version of the OS.

Before this patch, it was possible for certain applications or websites to execute malicious code with system privileges. It was also possible for sites to bring up pop-up windows through the WebKit engine that powers Safari, the App Store, and other iOS applications that pull up webpages. Finally, Apple patched a vulnerability that allowed a device's home screen to display even when that device was activation-locked.

The update is available for any device already running iOS 10. That includes the iPhone 5 and newer, the fourth-generation iPad and newer, the iPad Mini 2 and newer, any iPad Pro, and the sixth-generation iPod Touch.

MacRumors notes that the update should be followed shortly by a beta for iOS 10.3, which is rumored to include a new Theater Mode. Industry watchers are still unsure of what that could be, but there are guesses ranging from a mode that shuts down notifications and tweaks colors for a better movie-watching experience to a so-called "dark mode" that would let users more easily check their phones in theaters.

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