Toshiba N300 hard drives are ready for NAS service

We spend a lot of time talking about SSDs, whether they come packaged as 2.5" SATA disks, PCIe expansion cards, or flavor-of-the-month M.2 formats. While SSDs are hard to beat when it comes to performance, trusty old spinning aluminum platters covered in magnetic dust still reign supreme in terms of storage capacity per unit of currency. Toshiba's 3.5" N300 High Reliability Hard Drives, available in 4 TB and 6 TB sizes, are targeted at NAS and server owners looking for capacious storage that's available 24/7.

Toshiba says the N300 drives are suitable for bays of up to eight disks and pack technology designed to mitigate the effects of vibration, shock, and heat. The company claims the N300 comes with multiple shock sensors and a motor stabilization system.

The N300 drives operate at 7200 RPM and carry a 128MB buffer. The 4TB model delivers a peak throughput of 200 MB/s, while the 6TB version can hit 210 MB/s. Average latency is listed as 4.17 ms, which is quite poor when compared to SSDs but normal for a 7200-RPM spinner. The drives connect via a plain-jane 6Gbps SATA connection and should be able to withstand workloads of up to 180 TB per year.

Toshiba says the N300 High Reliability Hard Drives will be available sometime this month in Europe. The 4TB model is expected to cost £180 (approximately $225) and the 6TB will fetch £315 (or $394), though there is no word yet on exact US pricing. The manufacturer backs the drives with a three-year warranty.

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