BenQ EW2770QZ display keeps its temperature under control

We're really quite spoiled for choice these days when buying monitors. Gaming monitors that refresh at 240Hz, ultra-high-definition displays that can reproduce over a billion unique shades simultaneously, and ultra-wide monitors with black-hole contrast are all available. A lot of folks just want a pleasing monitor with few fancy frills, though, like the BenQ EW2770QZ. This monitor has a 27", 8-bit IPS panel with 2560x1440 resolution. The EW2770QZ can reproduce the full sRGB color space, and includes an ambient light sensor to adjust both brightness and color based on lighting conditions.

BenQ calls its image-adjustment technology "Brightness Intelligence Plus." Given the name, we can expect it to be an improved version of the Brightness Intelligence feature found on the company's EW2775ZH and EW3270ZL monitors. BenQ says that the EW2770QZ will adjust brightness and contrast along with color hue and saturation, taking into consideration the displayed content as well as ambient lighting conditions. The rising popularity of features like Apple's Night Shift indicates that plenty of people may find the EW2770QZ's automatic color-balancing appealing, especially as the day goes on.

 The monitor will take HDMI and DisplayPort connections, and comes with integrated speakers and a VESA mount.

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