Nvidia covers the 2015 Shield in Nougat

When we said the hardware inside the updated Nvidia Shield Android TV was "essentially unchanged," we weren't kidding. Nvidia has pushed out a software update for the original Shield that upgrades it with Android 7.0 Nougat and most (if not all) of the newer model's features. Owners of the 2015 Shield console can stream movies and shows in 4K HDR from the internet, and games from a local network in similar 4K bliss.

Nvidia's Games app is now available on the original Shield. This convenient app aggregates games available on the device with titles available via GameStream from a networked PC and games coming over the internet from GeForce Now. The Nougat update brings additional niceties like task switching with a double-tap on the home button, better locale settings, and multi-window mode for apps. Other welcome changes in this update include the ability to write to attached USB or SD storage, a quick pause-and-play function on the Shield remote (double-tap the volume slider), and support for surround speaker configurations in the Plex app.

The 2015 Shield consoles now have support for Nest in-home camera monitoring, too. Nvidia didn't mention whether the rest of the home automation features that were promised for the Shield at CES would be coming to the 2015 model, though.

Owners of the 2015 Shield looking to bring them up to current spec can buy the new controller and media remote from Nvidia's website. Most Shield owners are probably already running the new version. If that's not the case, all they need to do is connect the device to the internet, dive into the Settings app, and hit Device, About, and then System Update.

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