Print your own Kaby Lake CPU delidding tool

Delidding Intel CPUs is a somewhat dangerous task with meager benefits for most users. Traditionally, the process required pliers, a vise, a blade, a little sweat, and no small measure of skill. It doesn't have to be that way, though. We previoulsy reported on Rockit 88's Haswell and Skylake delidding tool a few months ago, and now YouImagine user Chri has uploaded a 3D-printable design for a Kaby Lake delidding tool.

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Delidding CPUs has become a popular past-time among competitive overclockers and people who just can't leave a working CPU alone, ever since Intel stopped soldering the integrated heat spreaders (IHS) to the dies on its consumer-grade CPUs. Desktop chips after the second-generation Core Sandy Bridge models have come with thermal paste filling the gap between the ceramic CPU die and the aluminum IHS.

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Rockit 88 has previously stated that delidding a Haswell desktop chip resulted in a 10°C reduction in CPU temperature when overclocking. User testing has shown less-encouraging results, but as with everything related to overclocking, your mileage may vary. Owners of Intel workstation-grade LGA 2011 and 2011v3 CPUs don't need to bother with delidding, though, since good ol' solder still lies beneath those chips' heat spreaders.

We should note that even with a delidding tool, the user risks damaging the CPU during the process. Once complete, the heatsink installation is also a little riskier and somewhat reminiscent of the bad old days of installing heatsinks on the first socketed Athlons.

Chri acknoweledges that he or she has yet to actually try and use the delidding tool, though. Chri also recommends printing the plans with a very precise 3D printer and using at least three perimeters and 30% infill. After looking at the design, I wonder if using a "maker-grade" CNC machine to cut a delidding tool from hardwood might make for a more reliable, sturdier tool.

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