1. Electic Tech has CL SB Liveware 3 v5.12.1.3512 for Windows XP
    and TweakXP v1.22
  2. Rojak Pot on diagnosing memory failure with Memtest86
  3. AKIBA has MSI K7N420 Pro (thanks MJS)
Graphics and multimedia

  1. Digit-Life reviews Power Magic Radeon 8500 & 7500
  2. Bjorn3D reviews VisionTek Xtasy 6964 GeForce3 Ti 500
  3. OnePC reviews Samsung ML-1651N laser printer
  4. AcidHardware reviews Microsoft Office keyboard
  5. 3dGameMan reviews Hercules Scan@home 48USB scanner
  6. RipNet-UK reviews Genius EasyPen graphics tablet
Case and cooling

  1. Hardware Extreme reviews IMT-Max case
  2. Icrontic reviews Enermax speed dial clear fans
  3. VTR-Hardware reviews Thermaltake Crystal Orb
  4. shows how to cut a blowhole
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