Dropbox Paper lets everyone collaborate

Dropbox's newest business-focused collaboration tool, called Paper, launched globally yesterday. The company first announced Paper back in October 2015 as a collaborative editing tool aimed at businesses, in the vein of software like Google Docs and Microsoft Office 365. Paper is now out of beta and free to check out in your browser and on both Android and iOS devices.

Paper offers users the ability to create, review, and organize content, and works with multiple file types from Microsoft and Google products. Dropbox added task management functionality to Paper, like the ability to assign dated tasks to different users in your organization. Files can be organized into projects and folders that assigned users can then access through Paper's SmartSync feature. SmartSync lets users see their company's Dropbox account in local folders, but doesn't download them until the user actually opens them.

Instead of asking businesses to drop their accounts with Google or Microsoft, though, Dropbox Paper works in concert with those. Speaking to The Verge, Dropbox head of project Rob Baseman said that his team "fully expect[s] Paper to be used in environments where people are using Microsoft and Google products. That's the rule, not the exception."

Dropbox Paper is available right now in browsers, on Android, and iOS.

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