Razer acquires smartphone manufacturer Nextbit

Gaming peripherals company Razer seems to be making a habit of acquiring interesting technology companies. In 2015, Razer purchased Ouya, the short-lived maker of an Android game console. A year later, Razer picked up THX. This year, Razer is buying Nextbit, the manufacturer of the Robin smartphone.

Razer has acquired the majority of Nextbit's assets and plans to retain all of Nextbit's staff, including its management team and Scott Croyle, a former design lead at HTC. The folks from Nextbit will operately separately from Razer and under their own management. Razer has not disclosed any financial details about the transaction.

The deal comes with some bad news for users of Nextbit's Robin smartphone. Nextbit's CEO, Tom Moss, told Recode that the company has stopped selling the phone once its inventory was cleared. Support for the Robin will continue under Razer for a limited time. For the next six months, Razer will provide hardware support, and will offer software support and updates and for another six months after that.

The acquisition might enable some interesting opportunities for Razer, a company that's made its name selling gaming peripherals and, more recently, laptops. Considering that Razer has a partnership with Lenovo, who owns the Moto brand, maybe we'll see a Razer Razr in the near future?

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