be quiet! fires up the Pure Power 10 power supplies

German PC parts house be quiet! just announced a revision to its entry-level Pure Power line. The updated series, called the Pure Power 10, comprises a set of modular and fixed-cable units with peak load capacities ranging from 300W to 700W. Like the previous-generation Pure Power 9 units, the new PSUs from be quiet! are 80 Plus certified at the relatively uncommon Silver level.

be quiet! says that its newer models are more efficient than the previous series, despite carrying the same Silver certification. The key to the improved efficiency in its newer models is apparently the use of a DC-to-DC converter for the +3.3V and +5V lines. The company lists the maximum efficiency for the new models as "up to 91%," though that's a figure likely obtained with a European 230V input.

The 700W and 600W models come with four 6+2-pin PCIe power connectors, which should suffice for any build that fits within the units' output envelope. The 500W and 400W versions get two of those connectors, and even the lowly 300W and 350W models (available only as fixed-cable units) get one PCIe 6+2-pin power plug. All the units have sleeved cabling, too. True to its name, be quiet! says the loudest that any of the supplies get is 27 dBA, which should be practically inaudible.

The Pure Power 10 PSUs should be available now, although it doesn't seem like they've hit US shores yet. However, we found them selling at starting at €46. The top-end 700W modular model will set you back a Hunni.

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