AOC trims the bezels on its Q2781PQ monitor

Is this the year of the disappearing bezel? Smartphone and notebook manufacturers alike have been pursuing designs that minimize bezels, hoping to focus our attention entirely on the displays. AOC uses the same aesthetic for its Q2781PQ, an ultra-slim 27" monitor.

The Q2781PQ has a tiny bezel on all four sides of the display, leaving the company barely any room to display its logo. The asymmetric stand is also slender, and should only take up a minimal section of the users' desk space.

So what's between the bezels of this monitor? AOC used an AH-IPS display for the Q2781PQ with a resolution of 2560x1440, a 5-ms response time, and the standard 60Hz refresh rate. The panel boasts 178° viewing angles and full coverage of the sRGB color space. AOC claims that its direct-current backlight system should help minimize flicker, too.

The Q2781PQ is available now on Amazon. AOC lists the monitor's price as $500, but Amazon might have missed the memo on that, because it's selling the monitor for $350. In the coming months, AOC will also launch the Q2781PS, a model with the same basic features but with a Rose Gold paint job and a crystal-adorned back panel. AOC lists that model's suggested price at $600, though we'd expect street price to be substantially lower.

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