Racing sim fans are revving up for Project Cars 2 and Dirt 4

Who doesn't like cars? Wait... I think I see a raised hand. You over there, get out! Now, back to business. There's a double-whammy of fun coming up for racing aficionados. Dirt 4 was announced a few days ago, and today a leaked trailer for Project Cars 2 popped up, leaving mouths agape everywhere.

Dirt 4 seems to be the unofficial sequel to Dirt Rally, a game praised for its extremely realistic take on tire and gravel mechanics, but also criticized for being tough on beginners. Codemasters is apparently trying to bridge the gap between starter and pro wheel jockeys, as Dirt 4 will offer Normal and Simulation modes along with multiple driver assist presets. As a further nod to the handling-deficient everywhere, Dirt 4 will include the DirtFish Rally Schools, where newbies can learn what a Scandinavian flick is (and no, it's not a Lars von Trier movie).

The new entry in the Dirt series comes with a particularly neat trick: a digital, smart version of a Scalextric set. Dirt 4 comes with a procedural track generator that has the potential to offer endless variations on a circuit. Players will be able to customize a good amount of parameters for the track generator so that drivers don't get stuck on the racing equivalent of No Man's Sky "infinity." Drivers will also be able to share the tracks they generate, too. Dirt 4 is slated for a June 2017 release. Meanwhile, you can check out its teaser below.

And now, ready your eyes for a visual feast. There's a leaked trailer for Project Cars 2 out, and we're going to let it speak for itself for now. Just close your mouth as a safety measure, and keep a bib handy.

To quote a friend of mine, the game "is rapidly approaching the kind of photorealism that means all future releases will just include new cars and tracks." Anyone who's played Project Cars knows it's one of the best racing simulators out there, and it looks like the team at Slightly Mad Studios is going even crazier for the new iteration.

Although there are next to no details about the game, judging by the trailer, the devs are doubling down on the weather effects with simulated wind, snow conditions, and a breath-taking road water puddle simulation. There are apparently individually-modelled rumble strips, and judging by the way the car's tire treads on those in the trailer, it looks like the concrete-and-rubber interactions are particularly well-simulated, too.

And, of course, those graphics. We have no idea what kind of hardware those gorgeous tracks and cars will require, and we're afraid of guessing. We're still drooling, though. Project Cars 2 was originally announced back in 2015, and it looks like it's not too far off from being completed. Perhaps we'll see it this year still.

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