EVGA CLC 120 and CLC 280 are ready for CPU cooling duties

EVGA is showing off a pair of new closed-loop liquid CPU coolers, very simply called the EVGA CLC 120 and CLC 280. EVGA is no stranger to liquid-cooling—it even has graphics cards with CLCs strapped on them. These are the first mount-and-go closed-loop CPU coolers from the company, though. They look pretty slick, and include an RGB-LED-lit EVGA logo on the block itself, plus a new fan design that EVGA says offers "superior cooling and lower noise" over typical radiator fans.

As you probably guessed from the names, the coolers come as a single-fan 120-mm version and as a dual-fan 280-mm model. In either case, the coolers can mount to Intel LGA 115x and LGA 2011 motherboards, and to AMD's AM4 socket. The new fans are a pretty interesting design that eschews most of the frame encircling the fan itself. EVGA says the new fans should help the CLC 120 and CLC 280 stay under 40 dBA in the worst case, which is pretty quiet as these things go.

EVGA's new coolers are available now from the company's web shop. The CLC 120 will set you back $90, while the much larger CLC 280 goes for $130

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