Nvidia's newest game bundle requires a GeForce Experience login

You remember that GeForce bundle we told you about the other day? Unlike Nvidia's previous bundles, the codes for these games aren't coming on cards or e-mails. In fact, there might not be any codes at all. Redeeming this latest pack-in apparently requires linking your Steam or Uplay account with GeForce Experience. The app will then perform a "hardware verification" process before unlocking your title.

We haven't seen the process in action, so we don't know for sure whether you still have to input some kind of code or if the unlocks are being authorized via some unique identifier (like the card's serial number.) However it works, this move will most likely prevent the resale of bundled game codes. While that should please the game publishers, it may not be the ultimate goal behind the change.

As GeForce owners are surely already aware, many of the advanced features of Nvidia's graphics cards—like the Shadowplay video capture function—require an online registration and login for the GeForce Experience software. For its part, Nvidia claims that the software "has nothing to do with spying, tracking, or other nefarious activities," but it can be an annoyance.

Much like Microsoft and its aggressive push to move users to Windows 10, it's possible that Nvidia is taking this opportunity to herd more of its users onto GeForce Experience. Doing so has plenty of obvious benefits for the company, like making sure that every user has the latest driver installed. It's a little disappointing that the application has become more or less mandatory for users who want to take advantage of the game bundles Nvidia offers, though.

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