Sniper Elite 4 sneaks into enemy territory with DirectX 12

Folks who really enjoy shooting other (virtual) folks in the head are probably already fans of the Sniper Elite series. The fourth Sniper Elite game is set to hit both physical and digital storefronts on February 14, and developer Rebellion just announced that the game will be coming with support for both the DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 graphics APIs.

DirectX 12's biggest benefit might be that it lets games use vastly more geometry in a given scene, and it's easy to see how this could benefit Sniper Elite's sprawling open levels. In fact, Rebellion says each level in the fourth title is "many times" bigger than the levels in Sniper Elite 3. Along with the DirectX 12 announcement, Rebellion also says the game is optimized for the PS4 Pro. That means higher framerates, longer draw distances, and improved visual effects over the standard PS4.

The series runs on the indie studio's own in-house engine, so adding DX12 support was probably no mean feat. The company is justifiably proud of its rendering tech, too; the latest trailer adamantly proclaims that all of the footage is captured in-game. Sniper Elite 4 once again returns to World War II, and this time, the game is set against the backdrop of Italy in 1943. Given how gorgeous the Mediterranean city level looks, it will almost be a shame to shoot it up.

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