Registrations open for Cooler Master’s Case Mod World Series 2017

Cooler Master has a history of encouraging modders and makers to get busy. As a part of that history, the Case Mod World Series contest is kicking off once again. The company has some $40,000 of cash and prizes up for grabs for the 2017 edition of the contest. Categories include Tower Mods, Scratch Builds, and the People's Choice Award, as usual. Since 2017 also marks Cooler Master's 25th anniversary, the company is throwing in an extra 25th Anniversary award.

The first category, Tower Mods, involves starting with any Cooler Master case from the company's entire history. The Scratch Build category, on the other hand, mandates that entries must not be based on a pre-existing case. There are no limits on what materials builders can use, but the final project has to include at last one Cooler Master product somewhere.

The 25th Anniversary award is a category for mods that reference or represent Cooler Master's history in some way. To be eligible for this award, Tower Mods have to be based on a Cooler Master case from a pre-selected list visible on the registration page. Curiously, Scratch Build entries are also eligible for the 25th Anniversary award if the final product ends up resembling a replica of one of those pre-selected cases.

Cooler Master is awarding first, second, and third-place prizes for both the Tower Build and Scratch Build categories. The 25th Anniversary and People's Choice awards have a singular prize each. Every winner gets a whole new machine courtesy of Cooler Master, Intel, Asus, and HyperX. The prizes are riffs on the following theme: a system with a pair of Pascal-powered GeForces, a quad-core Kaby Lake processor, an Asus Z270 motherboard, and a sizeable HyperX SSD. Even third-place winners get to a chance to take home some serious hardware. 

The first- and second-place winners in the main categories also cash in a sizable amout: $5,000 for first place, and $2,000 for second place. The 25th Anniversary winner pockets $2,500, too, although their prize PC only comes equipped with one graphics card. Finally, every winner also gets a Dremel rotary tool, perhaps to replace the one they burned up making their mod.

Entries must be registered by March 31 and submitted no later than May 3. Gerbils that want to sign up for the 2017 Case Mod World Series (we recommend you do) can do so at the registration page here

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    • krazyredboy
    • 3 years ago

    I just submitted my entry! Now I’m even more excited to finish!

    Entry link: [url<][/url<] TR Forum link: [url<][/url<]

    • DPete27
    • 3 years ago

    Time to put the finishing touches on my [url=<]Crosley D-25 case mod[/url<] I guess!!

      • tay
      • 3 years ago

      It’s certainly better than that Lamborghini ughhhh….

      • DPete27
      • 3 years ago

      BOOOOO! From the registration page: “I can confirm that my project was started after July 1st, 2016.” Apparently I missed the memo to sign up for last year’s contest….

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