O'Reilly Publishing opens Z.O.O.

The very successful technical book seller O'Reilly Publishing has decided to continue capitalizing on the success of their "animal" books. An article at segfault.org details the plans:
To explain the break with O'Reilly's traditional schemes, O'Reilly head Tim O'Reilly: "We at O'Reilly have reached unprecedented success with our series of 'animal' computer books. These books have quite a degree of fame with computer nerds the world over. I say 'camel' and you think Perl. In fact, market research indicates the success of these books is due entirely to the 'cute' guys on the covers. We here at O'Reilly decided to capitalize on our animals' fame. The logical step was to place them on display."
No information yet on the actual opening date. Z.O.O stands for Zoo Owned by O'Reilly.
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