Corsair heads into the pre-built PC arena with One machine

Perhaps it's in the nature of technology companies to constantly expand into new fields. Corsair started out making memory modules, but over the years has started offering all kinds of input devices, cases, power supplies, and headsets. Enthusiasts everywhere have praised that expansion, since most of the new products have been strong offerings. Corsair also has a little experience with barebones PCs, as evidenced by the Bulldog line of couch gaming-HTPC kits. Now, the company seems to think it's time to jump into fully-assembled compact gaming rigs, and it's teasing a machine called the Corsair One.

Corsair has posted the faintest whisper of a website to promote the One. The most concrete info we have so far comes from an advertisement in the print magazine Maximum PC. The ad calls the One a "category-defying new PC" that's "built from the ground up to power anything and everything you like to do." Yes, that's vague. The spot also shows a young man playing a game that appears to be The Witcher III. The all-black machine sports Tron-like blue trim and a front-facing HDMI port, a handy feature for using a VR headset. Tweaktown has an image of the print ad for those who would like to see it.

That HDMI connector at the front suggests that the machine could be packing a graphics card at least as powerful as a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060. There's no telling what the "category-defying" bit of the ad means, though. We'll just have to wait and see.

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