Rumor: Ryzen processors might top out at $490

Almost everyone's expecting Ryzen processors to be reasonably competitive with Intel's offerings in terms of performance, but if they're priced the same, then "reasonably competitive" isn't going to cut it. The latest leaks about the new chips paint a rosy picture for the prces of the upcoming CPUs, though. Spanish tech site El Chapuzas Informatico got its hands on some European pricing for the chips. Even more encouraging, Connecticut-based Bottom Line Telecommunications has three of the new chips listed for sale already. Grab the rock salt.

Both sites' information shows the same CPU names listed in the recent leaks from Chinese forum Coolaler. El Chapuzas Informatico's info says that the top-end R7 1800X processor—purportedly an eight-core, 16-thread, 4 GHz monster—will be priced at €599. The site goes on to say that the R7 1700X is essentially the same processor but clocked at 3.8 GHz. That chip will run €469. Lastly, the R7 1700 apparently has yet again the same configuration of cores and threads, but with a 3.7 GHz clock and a TDP rating of just 65W. The site says this chip will run you €389.

Bottom Line Telecommunications shows even lower pricing. As you can see in the image above, the site lists the same three models, and again shows that the R7 1700 has a 65W TDP. However, the prices listed are almost comically low: $490 for the top-end R7 1800X, $382 for the R7 1700X, and then $317 for the R7 1700. All three processors are marked as "unavailable, do not order" when you click through to their product pages. While these figures are hard to believe, the site has been correct before when it came to pre-release pricing and specs for new CPUs.

The disparity in the two sources appears to simply be a matter of U.S. versus Euro pricing. El Chapuzas Informatico's figures include taxes, and after correcting for that, the prices are strikingly similar. That site also insists that the new CPUs will be in stores February 28, which is even sooner than the March 3 date that the rumor mill brought up previously. It's tempting to speculate on the meaning of these seemingly bargain-basement prices on what are purportedly quite-potent processors. If any of this information is true, there's a possibility that the launch could be just a couple of weeks away. We'll have to wait and see what happens.

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